"Ladies. Are You Hot in Bed? Take this Free 10-question Quiz to Find Out How Well You Stack Up When it Comes to Bedroom Fun and What You Can Do to Become the Ultimate Lover."


Answer these 10 questions to get free lovemaking advice and you'll be well on your way to becoming the best lover you can possibly be!


Men like women who enjoy sex. If they wanted a bedroom actress, they could hire a call girl. Part of being a good lover means knowing how to enjoy sex and not faking it. How in touch are you with your sexuality?

1) Do you know your favorite touch-me zones?

A. Yes. Of course I do.
B. Yeah. My undies cover them.
C. I just go with wherever he wants to touch me.

2) Have you ever had an orgasm?

A. What's an orgasm?
B. Almost always.
C. Sometimes.

3) Do you ever pleasure myself when you're alone?

A. All the time!
B. No. Self-pleasuring is only for lonely girls who can't get a guy.
C. Sometimes. If I'm feeling really randy.

4) You know all your sexual hot buttons. But your man isn't quite hitting them. You…

A. Moan and groan convincingly while wishing it would end.
B. Wiggle around a little bit and hope he accidentally brushes your sweet spot.
C. Playfully guide him to exactly where you'd like him to touch you.


Do you think you know what the average guy wants when it comes to sex? Are you giving your lover what he craves? Answer these questions to find out.

5) Do you ever initiate sex?

A. Sure. Sometimes.
B. No. That's the man's job.
C. All the time. In fact, you do it so often that he jokingly refers to you as his lovable nympho.

6) Do you think a man needs foreplay?

A. Sure. He needs some, but he's a guy! And guys get aroused more quickly than women.
B. No. Guys get turned on just thinking about sex for a minute.
C. Yes. Just as much as I do.

7) Are you willing to try different positions?

A. Every once in a while, but I'm open to do more.
B. Always! It really spices things up.
C. No. I prefer the tried-and-true. Why mess with the missionary?

8) Do you do oral sex on your guy?

A. Sometimes.
B. Yes. I love it!
C. No, never. It's yucky.

9) What types of noises do you make during lovemaking?

A.I scream and carry on like I'm on the best thrill ride ever.
B.None. I'm as quiet as I'd be during a sober eulogy during a funeral. I even try my best not to breathe too hard.
C.Lots of oohs and ahhs, soft murmurs and satisfied sighs.

10) Do you talk dirty to your man when you're having sex?

A. Yes.
B. Never. I just agree to have sex with him if he asks.
C. Sometimes.


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